Difficult times require confidence in the person at your side. Reliable, dependable, representation from start to finish.



Mistakes are easily fixed with the right help. Do not let them win at your expense. Let experienced professionals handle your case.


All children deserve to be with the people that can care for them best. Let us help you get the results you are looking for.



Federal and Texas laws can come with serious penalties. Every moment you wait can cost you your freedom. We are experienced litigators that can help.


In the ever changing landscape that has become our immigration system, you need to be prepared to take control of the future of your family. The federal government has created a fear of unwelcomed outcomes. We can help.


Specializing in Family, Criminal and Immigration Law



Attorney / Mediator


 The Guerrero Law Group is a service oriented boutique law practice the provides a level of legal representation that is unique in today's market. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with the satisfaction of knowing that they have professional and competent representatives fighting for you, every step of the way. All our clients enjoy direct access to our attorneys and their cases.

We at the Guerrero Law Group are here to help you reach the goals we set in your case. We will strive to obtain the best possible outcomes for you now and in the future.


Client Experiences

I have hired Francisco Guerrero to represent me on three separate cases because he gets cases dismissed. Two DWIs I had are gone and the third one I got low fines and probation. Great attorney!

                                                                                              ~ Alex Rodriguez

I had a difficult custody battle on my hands. After trial didn't go our way, Attorney Francisco Guerrero got the appeals court to reverse the judge's decision! I am closer to having my children with me again and I have the Guerrero Law Group to thank for that!                         ~ Blanca Jones

I had a difficult time adjusting after my separation from my husband. Guerrero Law Group was helpful in guiding me through my divorce. Attorney, Francisco Guerrero was available to answer questions and concerns. Thank you!                                                                              ~ Vanessa Flores

After a decade of living in fear of deportation, Francisco Guerrero helped me successfully obtain my U.S. citizenship. They helped me take care of my family!                                    ~ Juan Garcia


Francisco Guerrero II


Guerrero Law Group


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